Terms of use

§1 Definitions

  1. Administrator - also called the service provider is Remigiusz Machula - IBC-GAMES based in Żarów 58-130 at ul. Łokietka 6B/10 street, EU Tax number PL8842583035
  2. Service user - a natural person or a company or an organizational unit without legal personality.
  3. User account - it is created on the basis of correct authorization with an account on the Discord.com platform.
  4. Anonymous user - a person browsing the Minecraft-Servers.gg site without prior authorization. An anonymous user is not able to purchase services on this site
  5. Logged in user - a person browsing the Minecraft-Servers.gg site after logging in to the user's account.
  6. Minecraft server - this is an application that allows you to play multiplayer games in Minecraft. The site is primarily used to share addresses to servers for Minecraft. Each user has the option of publishing an entry with information about any server.
  7. Server Voting - Any user of this site can voluntarily vote for their favorite server. The servers on the home page are sorted, among others according to the number of votes cast.
  8. Sales contract - means a contract of sale of the Service concluded remotely on the terms set out in the Regulations, between the User and the Service Provider.

§2 General information

  1. The website is primarily used to share addresses to servers for Minecraft. Any advertisements or links to other pages on a similar topic (server lists) without the prior consent of the website administrator are also considered content unrelated to the subject of the website.
  2. Adding a server to our list is completely free and does not require account registration.
  3. Each user has the right to cast one vote for any number of servers once a day.
  4. The website is not allowed to post content that is generally considered vulgar, content that violates copyright and pornographic materials.
  5. User posted content may be moderated. In the event of violations of the regulations, they can also be removed without notice.
  6. In case of violation of the provisions of the regulations, access to the website may be blocked.
  7. Any user, also anonymous, can publish the address of the Minecraft server on this site.
  8. Information on published servers is taken from publicly available data provided by the server.
  9. A logged in user can verify the server added to the list. After the server is verified, the user can edit the details of the selected server.
  10. The verified server can be verified again by any user.
  11. Votes submitted to the server expire 180 days from their creation. Expired votes will not be visible.

§3 Copyrights

Users using this website do not acquire any rights to the content contained therein, the user is only granted access to them. The User may use the content only to the extent permitted by these Regulations. Paid services offered through the mechanisms available on this site as well as files made available there are in no way associated with Mojang AB.

§4 Privacy policy

The data may be transferred to other entities (payment system operators) only for the purpose of confirming and completing the order. User accounts are created on the basis of data obtained using the OAuth protocol from Discord.com. For this purpose, the database stores the data received after successfully logging in to Discord.com and authorizing the minecraft-servers.gg application operating on the above-mentioned website (Discord.com). First of all, information is stored, such as: user ID in the Discord.com service, e-mail address, user's picture. The e-mail address is not transferred to external entities for marketing purposes, but it may be processed for the purpose of marketing other services belonging to the service provider and for sending system information. At the time of ordering a paid service, the selected payment system operator is sent: e-mail address of the service buyer and its user ID, downloaded from the service provider's database, it is not possible to make a purchase without transferring the data to the selected payment system operator. All data sent to the payment system operator are also saved in the database. The service provider is the sole user of the database.

Data may be made available to entities authorized to receive them under applicable law, including the competent judicial authorities. The administrator transfers the collected personal data of the user to state administration authorities, law enforcement authorities and judicial authorities at their express request and only in the cases specified by law.

§5 Final Provisions

The Administrator reserves the right to make changes to the Privacy Policy. Each person using the website in any way is bound by the current version of the Privacy Policy.

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