MCL-Votifier plugin - what is it?

How it works?

z MCL-Votifier plugin will give your players ability to claim daily reward for a vote. You can specify what commands will be executed when user will receive a reward (for example you can give them some items). Rewarding your players will encourage them to vote regularly. The more votes you collect, the more visible your server will be. Reward can be claimed only once for a vote so it's limited for one vote for a day. We also restrict VPN users from making a vote.

How to install this plugin?
  • Click here to login to our website via your Discord account.
  • Verify that your server is added to our list and is verified by you.
  • Find your server and click Vote rewards button.
  • If vote rewards are disabled then enable them using button below your server ID.
  • Click here to download latest MCL-Votifier plugin.
  • Place downloaded jarfile into plugins directory of your server. Do not unzip it.
  • Reboot your server.
  • When your server will be running go to MCL-Votifier directory (inside plugins). You will need to edit config.yml file. Open it via any text editor.
  • Paste your server ID into server_id section of configuration and save your changes. Server ID can be found over Enable vote rewards button.
  • Reboot your server again.
  • After rebooting your server MCL-Votifier will be ready to work. Test it using /mcl-vote command - it should respond with your server's vote url.
Available commands
  • /mcl-vote - shows direct link to your server at our list
  • /mcl-reward - used to claim a reward
  • /mcl-test - can be used to test reward commands without making a vote (available only for server operators)
No server id found in MCL-Votifier config

If you see this error make sure you are using latest MCL-Votifier version (download latest). Check if your configuration contains valid server_id and is valid yaml file. Feel free to visit our Discord if you need more help. Visit our Discord

Rewards are enabled but my server is not marked with reward icon, why?

Your server will become marked with reward icon only when any player use /mcl-reward command in last 3 days.

What rewards my players can claim?

It just depends on you! In the plugin's configuration you can enter any number of commands that will be executed by your server's console when player will claim a reward.

Is this plugin safe?

Source code of MCL-Votifier can be found at GitHub (click to open). This plugin is designed to execute commands specified by you in its configuration. It's lightweight and work asynchronously.

Can I restrict rewards to only VIP players?

If you think that it will fit your needs you can enable require_permission feature. When require_permission is set to true then command /mcl-reward will be available only for players with mclvotifier.reward permission. This feature will not restrict users from voting at our webpage.

What servers are supported by this plugin?

MCL-Votifier plugin is designed to work on Minecraft 1.7.10 (or newer) servers with Bukkit/Spigot support.

What port should I open to use this plugin?

There is no need to open any port like in other votifier plugins. MCL-Votifier use our website API only when a player use /mcl-reward or /mcl-vote command. - 2024 © IBC-Games

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