Server's RainbowCraft logo
RainbowCraft: A Vanilla+ SMP Minecraft Community
Server's GameWaze Survival logo
β˜… GameWaze Survival β˜… [1.20.6-1.21]
Survival | Economy | PvP | Shop
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Welcome to Shibuya
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Greek Factions + Survival - Plugins - Factions - Crates - Shop
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Greek Factions + Survival - Plugins - Factions - Crates - Shop
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- Factions - Claims & Griefing - LGBTQ++ Friendly -
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▬▬▬【RaspMC】▬▬▬【Cracked LifeSteal】▬▬▬
h Custom Items h Custom Enchants h Events
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Server's ComfySMP 🌞 [Most Comfy Server you will join] logo
ComfySMP | Survival Server (1.21)
Friendly SMP β€’ Free Pet β€’ Fun Community
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Online 0 94
Stray PvP | NA [1.17 - 1.21]
FFA, Pot FFA, Sandbox, Trident Box
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A Minecraft Server
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LIFESTEAL | 1.19.4+
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| SAMU: |
|NA| Survival | Bedwars | Orbs |
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Advancius Network [1.8-1.21]
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|||||| CLUBCRAFT NETWORK | [1.9 β–Ά 1.21] ||||||
Join Discord!
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LostCraft Reborn
Factions built on community.
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KOMBONETWORK ➜ Reinauguração do KitPvP!

What are is a website where you can find lots of different Minecraft servers to play on. It's like a big list where people add their servers and others can rate them. You can see all the details about each server and if you like one, you can copy its address and play on it in Minecraft - some servers will even reward you for your vote!. The site has servers of all types, like creative, survival, mini-games, and more, for different Minecraft versions. It's a handy place to find cool new servers to join.

What's new in Minecraft 1.21?

Minecraft 1.21 is not released yet. Some servers may be using snapshot to run experimental builds of this release. - 2024 © IBC-Games

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